Usher Covers September/October 2014 Issue of Cigar Aficionado Magazine


Beyond the awards, his talent in all round entertainment, his platinum records and cultivation of talent on “The Voice,” Usher is also a renowned cigar smoker. In this September/October issue of Cigar Aficionado, his rise to fame, his opinion of the changing music business, Justin Bieber, and cigars is profiled.

See excerpts from his interview below:

On the music industry: The Internet has killed the music industry. People don’t wait in line anymore at a Target or a Tower Records for a new CD to be released; they just download it. When you see companies like Blockbuster and Tower going out of business, you know the industry has changed.

On troubled Justin Bieber: We’re all God’s children. I can only imagine. I mean, it’s a crazy journey at any age. Who knows what would have happened to me or if I’d even be having this conversation from this perspective.

On his love for cigars: I like the smell and taste of a good cigar. It’s a great fit that truly celebrates the occasion. And there’s nothing better, when you’re in a space where you’re being creative. There’s something about savoring a moment, rather than wracking your head to find a creative solution. I’m too young to consider myself a connoisseur. I just enjoy smoking cigars. And I’m not blowing smoke up your a**.




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