Yvonne Nelson’s Fans Call Her ‘Daft’ for Posting THIS Photo on Instagram


Fans of Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson are pissed with her when she tried to throw a shade at the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by posting this photo below on her Instagram page with the caption “L|I|F|E“.


This led to hundreds of hateful comments from both Americans and Africans who called her ‘ignorant’ and ‘daft’. See some of the comments below…

@bibifash: “@afi_rosie and @shaunaexcellent wat are u guys on about the ice bucket challenge is obviously an interesting way to get someone’s attention I don’t understand why @yvonnenelsongh would post up a picture like this Can’t she bring up something sensible up to help her ppl that hv no water instead of posting pictures like this atleast it wasn’t America that took all the water away in Africa was it……if Africans where not as corrupted as they are then maybe Africa will be in a better place

@its_eman: “But Yh.. Two pics one word n y’all are acting like @yvonnenelsongh she’s some philosopher.. It’s really simple ALS ice bucket blah blah has raised p’s for an American charity.. How bout african celebs raise money for an African charity.. Next time your shopping for the louboutins or jimmy choo’s how bout you donate that money to a charity n challenge @iyanya to walk on coals for the same cause… #justsaying

@afi_rosie: “I dont know the number of people #ALS has killed but what exactly was done about #Ebola whose death toll is in excess of 1000s. @yvonnenelsongh is entiltled to her own opinions. If she chooses to look at this from her own angle, free her to do so and keep your opinions where they are needed.

She retaliated by blocking almost everyone who posted negative comments which led to the trending hashtag #YvonneNelsonCanBlock. She later posted this photo below:


She captioned it “Saysh*t and I’ll block you if I see it. SIMPLE! You live in America and think Africa is America? People in my country don’t have potable water to drink and you display your ignorance on my post? No one asked you to follow or check my page…. ILovemyafrica! Ourpartoftheworld

Between Yvonne and her fans, who is truly ignorant?

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