5 Reasons Bald Men Make Better Boyfriends


They say bald aka moro moro is beautiful. What they don’t say is that bald also makes for a pretty awesome boyfriend. So before you skip over bald profiles for a guy with a full head of hair, consider this:

1. They Don’t Take Up A Lot of Bathroom Space

Bald guys don’t need all kinds of fancy haircuts, gels, moose or even a comb. They barely need shampoo. That means they’ve got more money laying about to spend on you. And, more importantly, more space in the bathroom for your toiletries.

2. They Are Better Lovers

According to a 2009 study, women on Internet dating sites were five times more likely to choose guys with a full head of hair. That means bald guys have 5x less chance to hook up. X plus y equals bald men really making it count when they do hook up. You don’t need extra effort to seduce a bald guy, a stroke on his head and he will answer With force.

3. They Are Way More Sensitive

Feeling fat? Ugly? Bloated? Short? Your bald boyfriend can TOTALLY relate to them all. He lost all his hair! So he knows a thing or two about feeling bad about yourself and bouncing back to face reality. No doubt he’ll be sympathetic to your complaints and be ready with compliments and kisses.

4. Men’s Hair is Overrated

Have you ever really fallen for a guy because of his hair? Yes, i know a friend who did even though they are currently apart. Hair does not make the man. In fact, it can be downright distracting… not to mention disgusting, if not properly maintained. Plus, a man who doesn’t have to worry about quaffing his hair can spend more time doting on you. *winks*

5. They’re Already Bald

Perhaps the best thing about a baldie: they’ve already gone through the super painful process of going bald. Which means you won’t find man-hairs all over the place and you’ll never have to wonder if your man will look hot bald. He already is! Win-Win for you abi?

6. Bald isn’t Just Beautiful, it’s Super Hot

Admit it ladies, if Bryan Okwara shaved his head you would be all up on that. A bald head is super sexy. Don’t believe me? Drool over photos of 2face Idibia and return to tell me being bald isn’t hot.

NB: I’m not attracted to baldies 🙂

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  1. Mazino Oyolo Kigho September 30, 2014 at 11:43 PM - Reply

    First, you are not attracted to bald men. That is you. Anyway I have problem with my hair and I guess it due to hereditary. Some points are valid in this post but it a not yardstick. Baldness is not a desirable trait. If I ve the power to change that I will want my hair to grow but I guess as long as I live in this system of things I can do nothing.

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