Awwww! Comedian Bovi’s Wife Marks Birthday With “Touching Message”



Comedian Bovi’s wife, Kris Ugboma is celebrated her birthday yesterday and decided to mark it with a touching message of how Bovi married her, their challenges faced along the way and more.
Read for yourself below:

I spent the first 10minutes of today in tears of joy…. Sweet words from my husband and most of all, looking back to 5yrs ago. I was just a young girl going through the thorns of life. I always said to myself, it’s just for a little while, stay focused and everything will work out for you. Who would have thought God had special plans for me? Then came my husband, behind my back, friends laughed n talked about me. But I didn’t care. Along came my son, and September25th last yr, came my daughter on her father’s birthday. Today I asked God what I did to deserve his grace, mercy and favour? It brought tears to my eyes. I am in awe of God’s love for me. I do not deserve it, yet he blessed me with the man of my dreams, beautiful kids, things I never imagined I would be privileged to have, a beautiful life. To anyone who has taken his/her precious time to read & share in my testimony today….. I just want to say, no matter the situation, speak it to yourself and it will come to pass. It does WORK!!!! Doesn’t matter your religion, d tongue is powerful. Speak it, give, and let go of ur fears and worries! I have entered another phase of my life today and I am forever grateful to God because he owns me. Happy birthday to my fellow birthday mates….God bless all who celebrates with me today, and has taken out time to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you 🙂

Sorry for disgressing, but i’ve been itching to ask. Why do comedians end up with the prettiest wives?

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