Kim Kardashian & Jessie J’s Controversial Outfit to GQ 2014 Awards – Love it or Leave it?


The 2014 GQ Man Of The Year Awards is always an opportunity for us to see our favourite celebrities step out in style.

Critics have given a thumbs down to reality star Kim Kardashian and singer Jessie J’s choice of outfits describing it as trashy rather than classy.


Singer Jessie J was stunning in an emerald green gown with a plunging neckline for GQ 2014 Awards

Jessie J wore a gorgeous emerald green gown with deep plunging neckline, ruffling feathers.


While reality star Kim Kardashian stepped in an outfit her fans agreed is very unsuitable even for Rihanna and Beyonce.

What do you think? Did they look fab or drab as they say?

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