Wearing Tight Body Shapers Can Cause Blood Clots & Death – Health Expert Warns

Ladies, this is no joke. Health comes first before fashion!


An Orthorpaedic Surgeon, Akintayo Akindele has cautioned women against wearing tight body shapers to guard against gastrointestinal problems, nerve damage and even deadly blood clots.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that body shaping underwear, popularly called “girdles’’ among women, were used to achieve a slimmer look. But the undergarments which also help women achieve a smooth, flat stomach could pose serious health risk as they may restrict blood flow around the body.

“When women wear really tight body shapers, it can decrease and restrict the blood flow. This can lead to blood clots which can travel to the lungs, heart, the brain and even lead to death. Tight shape wear can be restrictive; you may have trouble breathing properly. Some women have even fainted in extreme cases. Such extremely tight garment squeezes the lungs, causing your lungs to have difficulty expanding enough to take in a proper amount of oxygen,” he said.

If you must wear body shapers, ladies, do not choose the extremely tight ones. If you not comfortable in it, get a larger size. Listen to your body! It would be so sad to wake up to news of someone dead as a result of tight body shapers.

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