24 Year Old British-Nigerian Woman Dies After Buttocks Enlargement Surgery Goes Wrong


This 24-year-old British-Nigerian lady has lost her life after a failed, cheap plastic surgery procedure to enlarge her bum.

According to the report by The Telegraph , she traveled to Bangkok earlier this month for the £2,000 buttock augmentation procedure. The operation entails putting silicone implants into the patient’s buttocks.

Her wounds got infected after the surgery leading to excrutiating pains which made her return to the hospital to have the implants removed, but died in the process.

Her friend revealed she was overly conscious of her appearance:

“She was a very bright girl and did well at school. She was a bit shy and quiet and I knew in later years there was something wrong and upsetting her.

“At school she had been bullied over her appearance and she went for surgery on her nose and face. Last time I saw her it was obvious she had had cosmetic surgery. She was fine before, she didn’t need to. She was fine the way she was but she just wasn’t happy. She had no self esteem and I guess she felt she needed to do it. She was just never happy with herself.”

Dr Sompob Sansiri who performed the fatal procedure is now charged with “causing her death by negligence.”

Are bum implants and buttocks enhancement surgeries just to look attractive really worth the risk?

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