2Face Idibia Says His Wife Annie Idibia is Not His Favourite Actress


2face Idibia has revealed to the surprise of everyone in an interview that his wife and mother of two Annie Idibia, is not his favorite actress.

In a recent interview with Blackhouse Media, he was asked who his favorite actress was and he shocked everyone by mentioning Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith, rather than his own wife. I thought you’re supposed to be your wife’s biggest fan?

In another interesting interview with Punch, 2face says marriage has chnaged him a lot. He speaks on how he handles women who try to get too familiar:

“When I meet a female fan who is being unnecessarily familiar with me, I just greet her and move on with my life. If she is still being persistent, I would tell her that what she is looking for she cannot have. Then I introduce her to any of my single friends that is around. Three of my children are already showing signs of being good singers without my interference. I would say I am a natural coach. Marriage has made me calm and helped balance my life. I don’t do some certain things anymore because I am married.”

Photo Credit: The Net NG

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