She Gained! Documents Revealed Kim K Made Over $2M from Kris Humphries Wedding


Court documents have been allegedly leaked to prove how Kim Kardashian made millions of dollars from her wedding to ex-husband Kris Humphries.

The shocking documents released exclusively to Radar Online showed everything she spent her money on and paychecks she recieved from their engagement in May 2011 to their famous divorce same year.

According to Radar Online..

Receipts processed around that time show a payment of $175,000 for “The People exclusive deal,” from Time Inc. in May 2011, when the couple celebrated their engagement on the cover of People magazine. There’s a total payment of $1.1 million for the “people magazine exclusive … for wedding.” The magazine ran exclusive photos of the August ceremony as well.

In addition, the documents show a “Payment #1” of $500,000 from E! Entertainment for the “E! Wedding Special,” as well as a payment from E! For $250,000 for “Project W.”

Later in the year, NBC Universal paid them $250,000 for the “final payment on the E! Wedding special,” according to the documents.
Kardashian also banked $90,000 for hosting her bachelorette party at Tao Las Vegas, the papers claim. Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner got a 10% cut of that, as did William Morris.

The documents also revealed that Kim doesn’t spend much of her money. She spent only $540 per month on laundry and cleaning, $750 on eating out, and not a dine on education.

Are you surprised at how much Kim has earned?

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