“People Can Confirm I’m A Fashion Icon” – Kcee Insists in Interview


Limpopo singer Kcee doesn’t get fed up of claiming the title of fashion icon on social media and interviews. Here’s excerpts from a recent interview he had with Saturday Beats:

“I made people talk about my fashion sense; I started it. The truth is that in this industry, when you are quiet and you want people to talk about you, one can do anything. I started talking about my fashion sense on Instagram and for those that know me and follow me, they would confirm that I am a fashion icon. Nigerians feel that when you call yourself a fashion icon, you are being proud and that is why they were criticising my style. Each time I create such controversy, I gain about 2000 new followers; so I keep doing it.”

On flaunting his wealth he says:

“I just like to express myself and that is why I flaunt what I have on social media, even the American celebrities do the same. If they buy new things or they are going anywhere, they put it on the social media. It is just a way of keeping the die-hard fans abreast of what we are doing. It is not a problem neither is it an issue but for those criticising it, I feel it is normal. No matter who you are on earth even if you are a pastor, people would criticise you. Even Christ was criticised, so who am I?”

On his marital status, he evades again:

“If I am married or not is for another day, not today. It is a discussion for another day. Anything you hear about the matter is for another day. The air has been cleared but it is an issue for another day,”

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