REVEALED! How Much Kim Kardashian Charges to Endorse a Brand


This is proof, that it pays to be a Kardashian!

We all see the tons of products being marketed and endorsed by the Kardashians, little did we know that they didn’t come cheap at all. Most brands are paying an arm and a leg just to get a Kim or Kylie or Khloe or Kourtney to endorse their product online.

Radar Online has uncovered secret emails from Kim Kardashian’s reps stating what it takes to get Kim to sign a brand endorsement deal.

According to Radar, Kim’s minimum rate for an endorsement is “$750,000 to $1 million.”. In addition to that, she requires, “5 first class tickets, plus 1 coach, first class hotel accommodations (1 suite for talent and standard rooms for others in party), portal to portal first class exclusive ground transportation, airport greeter service, security, glam fee (day rate for her hair and makeup squad), and a per diem.”

Hold on, that’s not all. There’s more.
“We would need approval over photographer, all photos used in print materials, glam squad (hair, makeup, stylist, manicurist), hotel/airline/car service and PR usage,”, Kim’s rep wrote in the leaked mail. “We would need to review and approve [the media plan] with her PR team.”

If you can’t shell out that amount of cash, then you can contract the younger Kardashian, Kendall, who’s available for just $500,000 to $1 million.

Such a huge amount for publicity. No wonder it is reported that Kim is currently worth more than her husband. Diaris God!

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