Happy Birthday Walter Oke Erara!!!


A gistville reader sends this sweet message to her husband and best friend… So cute!

I had always treasured the presence of the Lord because my best ideas and revelations came on Sunday Morning. Thus, you will never catch me without my writing pad in church on Sunday.

However, today for a different reason, am glad I had my notepad in church on that fateful Sunday in 2010 where our deep seated friendship started. That day, you read my notepad….the beginning of its all.

Bobo, I remember clearly the first time I spoke to you. I won’t forget the pink shirt and the brown pants…the reason I felt you had something between your ears and the seat reservation at Experience 2009. Little did I know this was it.

The notepad reading was the start.

Thanks for the drawing tears from my eyes at the first strategic meeting of Ginggas and Swagga. How small minded of me not to see the future…that this was where we were heading. You personalized my dreams discharging your role as my operations manager to the best. I couldn’t find a replacement for you then and not now and never in my life. You are irreplaceable.

You see me in a different light, in a light only a few hold. How unique of you to see me more than another female. Why didn’t you want me like the others?

Dadaa, since 2010, you have never relented in showing me that you are my friend, a true one and a great confidant. I have enjoyed your devotion and loyalty to the SEYIJA.

I remember I became in love with you with my eyes closed and my heart warm, but am PLEASED. Am awesomely pleased to be your friend, lover and wife!

You are the best husband I could have. Truly God knew I wasn’t capable of making the right choice so He chose you for me. You are indeed OLUWANIKALOLESEYIFUNMI.

My world is a beautiful place with you in it… my sky remains blue with signs of abundance of blessing always locking around.

You make me a better person every day.

My talk mate and paddy of life!

May today and the rest of the days of your years bring you good tidings, your dreams will be reality and our seeds will be mighty on earth.

Together we are taking on the world.

Happy Birthday my dear Sweetheart!


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