Prophet Soul E Shares His Thoughts On Divorce


Singer cum prophet, Soul E has shared his thoughts on divorce. Here’s what he posted on Facebook….

“I want to deal with the issue of devours in church and what am about to say may not go down well with some religious people but this is just the fact, yes it is true that God said I HATE DEVOURS, but that same bible says can two work together expect there is agreement, hear this the God I know understands the power of agreement, and when that is no more in a marriage than that marriage is no more marriage.

Many have issues in marriage because they marry the permissive will of God, not the perfect will of God and when that happens devours comes into play. But when the man or woman you marry is the perfect will of God no matter the Strom that hits your marriage, you both will never leave each other why because this is truly the will of God for your life.”


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