15 Signs That Show You Are a Typical Nigerian


Having the Nigerian green passport alone does not make you a Nigerian,there are other things that add up to it.We Nigerian have very peculiar stuffs in common irrespective of our diverse culture and differences in  religion.

Here are 15 things that shows you’re a typical Nigerian as found on LoadedStuff

1.You Shout Up NEPA.

Power is still a big problem in Nigeria,if you’ve lived or still living in Nigeria you know what I am talking about. So you get excited and scream Up Nepa! when the electricity comes on? My friend you’re a Nigerian.

2.You wear Special Outfit for Sundays or Fridays.

We Nigerians are very Religious people and very few of us are Godly,sad truth. We don’t joke with our Religious activities. Most Nigerians reserve the best of the best clothes for Sundays (for the Christians) and Fridays(for the Muslims). In fact offering time in churches are like fashion shows with everyone trying to cat walk and show off their beautiful dresses .

3.You don’t ask people their age and you don’t like to tell people your age.

Except it’s something official we don’t like to tell or ask people their age. We Nigerians see asking someone’s age, especially if the person is older than you very  disrespectful.

4.You’re boisterous and always Speak loud in Public.

Nigerians are very noisy and energetic people,it’s not difficult to identify a Nigerian when you find yourself at International airports. We speak loud with confidence ,you hear phrases like “Do you know who I am?” “My friend I will get you locked up!”

5.You call people you are not familiar with  names like:
Chairman,Oga,Uncle,Aunty,Bros,Sister etc.

6.You have two Phones to yourself alone:

Most Nigerians living in Nigeria own two phones ,not just to show off but because of the unstable power and mobile network services ,you can’t just rely on one network or phone. If mtn doesn’t have network you quickly pick up your etisalat sim card.

7.You’re  materialistic and like to flaunt your wealth at the slightest opportunity given.

The Rich Nigerians are really really rich. We buy things we don’t need just solely to fit in with everyone else. Your Facebook updates are things like “Lekkibeach chilling”,”Dubai things”,”Money on my mind” then just know you’re a Typical Nigerian etc

8.You’re always extremely security conscious and watchful.

A Typical Nigerian person is  always watching for safety.He doesn’t trust anyone around him,everyone is a suspect.He doesn’t keep his phone carelessly ‘cos he knows someone is waiting for such opportunity to steal it. I once traveled somewhere abroad, and the guy who came for me at the airport was telling me how unsafe the place was and why I should keep my belongings safe. I just looked at him and smiled. Wish he knew how security conscious  we Nigerians are by default.

9.You have relatives that you can’t even explain in simple terms how they are related to you.

I hear things like, ‘Hmm Mayo here is my relative,’ Kemi ,she is my Fathers brother’s wife cousin’s friend’s Husband.’ I am like WTH!!

10.You always like to cook Jollof Rice when you have Big Occasions
11.You use very often phrases like:
Eh wo, Ehen, Chineke, Che, Ah-Ah, Yepa! God forbid , by God’s Grace,Nawa o!Wetin sef!No worry ,Go joor! etc

12.You know what chin chin, puff puff, or moin moin are

13.You’ve never or rarely visit the dentist because you don’t see any reason for that and consider it waste of money.

Nigerians only visit a dentist office when there is no other remedy. Visiting a dentist for normal check-up is not an everyday thing in Nigeria.

14.You like to add “O” to a lot of your talk.
e.g Na wa o,Leave me o,O boy!,Na Now o!

15.You read all the above 14 signs and smiled in between

Proudly a Nigerian,are you?

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