The Last Critic: Do You Know Your Househelp?


*cough* In our Season one of The Last Critic, who turns a year older this month was online early this morning and I (the Last Critic) saw a news headline… That stunned me.

Now, housemaids are supposed to be gifts and help around the home but as the world spins…people change..and so do house helps or maids…

Now recently a 22 year old housemaid was arrested for she brutally and physically assaulted an 18 month old child in Uganda via a video which went viral – some of us couldn’t even watch the video…

Another has killed her employer’s daughter in Kuwait as she had stabbed the 19 year old girl to death – oh well this particular maid turned herself in and it goes on and on!!

Now the story that caught my attention… It goes “Kate Henshaw’s nephews kidnapped with the help of their housemaids” which Kate has disclaimed in a tweet, she is not related to them in any way.

Now, the issue is Why would a housemaid you feed, you help, you cloth, you pay his/her school fees – do such terrible things(oh they are terrible!) Unless, you as the employer have an untold story.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions –

*Do you trust your maid?
*Do you treat your maid like a human being?
*Do you hit your maid at all?
*Do you maltreat your maid?
*How well do you know your maid?
And so much more (Like Dstv) questions arise!

Remember the first maid (scroll up) said she physically abused that child (who is fine now, we heard) because her bosses blamed her for things she didn’t do…

And more related issues to why these housemaids behave in such manner.

Our advise is, ask yourself those questions above and these one “How well do I know my house help and how have I treated her”?

*drops pen, closes book* – carries phone *opens twitter*

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