So True! See The 10 Types Of Ladies You Will Meet at Every Wedding


Weddings happen every week and there always a tale or two to tell from guests who attended, especially those whose main aim is not entirely to witness the celebration of love. Read this list of top ten ladies you’ll meet at every wedding and feel free to add yours in the comment section below!

1. The ones who will dress and snap as if their lives depend on it. They will keep disturbing photographers here and there.

2. The ones who will taste the food and squeeze their faces as if they just tasted yoyo bitters. Meaning the food is not delicious

3. The ones who will take more time to dress even more than the bride, you will see excessive eye brow, eye lashes, cat eyes and powders (

just name it)

4. The ones who are desperate to catch flowers.(bouquet)

5. The ones who will keep going in and out of the church/reception hall just because they want to flaunt their attires.

6. The ones who will keep looking if the handbag of other ladies matches with their clothes.

7. The ones who will tell their friends sitting next to them that the wedding wasn’t planned properly and that the decorations wasn’t good enough.

8. The ones who are there to form tushh babes. let’s rise up for prayers, they will not stand up; let’s give the couples a standing ovation, they will not stand up.. (Just name it)

9. The ones who will pay little or not attention to the event, they will be busy uploading pictures and changing their PMs

10. The ones who will be looking in excitement as if they should fix their own wedding date the next Saturday and get married.


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