Jennifer Lopez Slaps Contestant At American Idol Auditions – See Photo


On the Jan. 28 episode of ‘American Idol,’ things got so heated in the audition room that Jennifer Lopez was actually driven to slap a contestant right across the face! Samuel Prince is from Puerto Rico where, as he says, JLo is “queen.” To honor the queen, Samuel asks JLo if she– as well as Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban– will join him in something. “This is a soap opera scene,” Samuel says.

In the drama, Samuel tells Jennifer Lopez that she cheated on him with Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr and it got JLo to slap him in a rage of anger that sends him to the floor. It’s not a serious fight though and the judges seem to like Samuel’s acting skills. Then the contestant starts doing what he is supposed to do – sing. He performs “As Long As You Love Me.”

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