“I don’t owe any money, I don’t borrow money from anybody” – D’banj Speaks Out


Mr D’banj for the first time since the alleged debt allegations levelled against him has opened up on all allegations, this is what he has to say.

In the second part of his interview on ‘The Truth’ with Olisa Adibua, D’banj reacts to the story by saying: ‘My lawyers have told me not to say anything since it’s allegedly a rumour. For me it’s negative and like you said it’s a business venture gone wrong, but it’s such a painful thing that because people know you are such a big brand and they just feel the best thing to do to you is defamation of character. I feel that’s the poorest thing you can do as a businessman. I can gladly tell you that it’s a big lie, I don’t owe any money, I don’t borrow money from anybody, we go to the bank if we want to borrow money.’

When asked how financially stable he is, Bangalee as he also likes to be called, responded: ‘My brother, how do you think I’m doing, but incase you don’t know, 2014 has been one of the best years of my life because if you are the king, you are the king, you can’t take off your crown. When I left Mo’hits we used to share all the money that came in, but now it’s just me and I’m doing very good.’

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