No Woman Can Change Me – Denrele Edun


Denrele Edun, in an interview with Punch on February 14, 2015 insists that no woman can change him. He insisted that though he is single, he is not celibate and neither is he a saint.

Excerpts from the interview below:

“There is somebody in the picture but we are not so sure of our status right now. We have been tossing it back and forth for a while. We are still deliberating. The person is fully committed but I am not really ready. I feel like I have frustrated her to a large extent and she has tolerated me for a very long time. We have been friends for a while. I am a very inconsistent person; she could call or send a message and I will not reply until after five days.”

He added that after the heartbreaks he has endured in the past, he will not change his loud personality for any woman

“I sincerely doubt I can change for any woman. I have had my fingers burnt so many times, I don’t think I am willing to make that sacrifice for anyone.. I am not leaving my career or changing for anybody. I would rather stay single because at the end of the day, it is about inner happiness.”

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