Checkout Halima Abubakar Looking S*xy In New Photo


Actress Halima Abubakar is saying goodbye to negativity. She released some new sexy photos which she says are from her soon to be released Biobook/look book..In her words..

“This are pics i love from my bio book/look book coming soon ,with my movies under my production company modehouz I wont address any more negativity again.This is me”

“I dont like to hide my flaws,cos dem plenty…But regardless of how any1 feels,am super confident, happy in my thick skin and at peace This my tummy,i show u all,so the tummy jokes shld stop…Am amazing,and if u dont see dat,well check ur eyes and stop judging�������������������������� i appriciate all my critics muahhh Oh an my hand is finally healing.. It took 2years to heal”

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