I Didn’t Know My Husband So Well Before I Got Pregnant – Omawunmi


If there’s anyone I like, it is Omawunmi. She speaks the truth. She does not act like many ladies who go around acting like they are innocent and can never or have never had s3x with a man they do not know too well.
So in this Punch interview with Omawunmi who is expecting her 2nd child any moment from now admitted that she got pregnant not knowing her now husband too well, and said that was the main reason they had to pause for long, because they wanted to be sure it was love, and not just getting married because they have a child together. Hear her below;
Why did it take you so long before you and your husband tied the knot?
We wanted to make sure that we were getting married for the right reasons. That is the best way I can explain it. We were in love before we had a child together and we were still seeing each other after I gave birth to my first child. We wanted to be sure that we were truly in love because we really did not have time to get to know each other before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant, he did the manly thing by standing by me and supporting me. We did not want to get married until we were very sure that it was what we wanted. I would have felt bad if we got married because we have a child together and end up hating each other eventually. We had to be sure it would work out and I am very happy that it worked out.

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