Jay Z & Beyonce Spotted In Hawaii Hanging Out At The Back Of A Pick-Up Truck – See Photos


Well, this isn’t their first time, sometimes ago, the happily married couple were spotted having fun on motorcycle.

Jay Z and Beyonce were caught up in this moment as they were spotted at the back of a pick-up truck in Hawaii. The man who took the photos said the both of them were all cuddled up and that Jay Z gave him the ‘Shaka’ sign, which is a gesture mostly associated with Hawaiians and surf culture.

According to the Jay Z:

“I talked to them for a moment and Beyoncé gave the shaka sign too. After that Beyoncé didn’t turn around much on the ride, but Jay Z was facing the road smiling and drinking what looked like a beer from a cooler in the back of the pickup, they were really chill.’They weren’t talking much but they looked pretty happy.”

Bey recently dropped a single, “Die With You” dedicated to his husband, Jay Z.

See more pictures below …….

jay-z-beyonce-pick-up1 jay-z-beyonce-pick-up2

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