Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey Covers Variety Magazine’s Power of Women Issue


Oprah Winfrey has been selected as one of the five honorees chosen by Variety Magazine for their Power of Women Issue.
In a chat with Variety, She talked about her journey from talk show reality to real freedom.

On her definition of real freedom: I love the way my life has opened up. My definition of real freedom comes from the movie ‘Beloved,’ where the character Sethe that I played says, ‘Freedom is waking up in the morning and deciding for yourself what to do with the day.’ Imagine that.



On her job as a talk show host: My job was to connect ideas to people  so they could see themselves and expand their view of themselves. That was my specific intention.

On being the head of a network: I am intentionally trying to create programming that lets people see the best of themselves. Sometimes you show them the worst of themselves in order to see the best of themselves. It’s not that I won’t do anything that’s negative, but I won’t do anything that’s negative that doesn’t have a deeper meaning.”

On her Intentions: I create shows where you see people of color in the ways you see yourself, no matter what color you are.



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