Actor Yemi Solade Shares Lovely Family Photos With His Wife and Kids

Yemi Solade 1

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has released lovely family photos ahead of holiday season.

In the new photos, Yemi and his wife Hanna posed with their lovely cute children.

In a recent interview, Yemi Solade, 55,  who supports Arsenal football club explained the reason he has been missing from Yoruba movies. He told Daily Times, “Even the world knows that I have. In the last  seven years, I have minded the frequency with which I work with the Yoruba movie practitioners. I have my reasons. I discovered that a lot was going wrong in the area of boosting the image of practitioners in that sector.  Besides, I just wanted to let the world know that I am not solely about Yoruba movies, I am a professionally trained dramatist from the University of Ife. I refused to  join any group to be under any boss for apprenticeship. I have a degree which I did not acquire by being taught  in Yoruba language.  I am always embarrassed and sometimes, speechless when movie producers walk up to me and ask if I can act in English films.  I expect any movie producer to have done his home work properly; Google me or ask around, before trying to engage me. I let my work speak for me. I don’t attend all ceremonies like others do or run around politicians like house-flies. All I want is to do good, act, go home and relax then wait for the work to come out and for people to enjoy it. So yes, I act more in Soaps.”


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