Pregnancy & Babies: 8 Tips for An Easier Labor & Delivery


The words ‘easy’ and ‘labor’ should not be used together but thanks to some useful tips and tricks from moms and midwives, there are proven ways to minimize the stress usually accompanied by labor.

These tips below helped me in the labor room and i hope you find them useful…

1. Download a good contraction timer app on your phone and your husband’s phone. That way you can tell when the next contraction is coming and brace yourself for it calmly.

2. Make a research on relaxation exercises and start practicing them so you will be relaxed in labor rather than all tensed up.

3. Practice breathing through your nose and out through your mouth. Take deep breaths. It’ll help you relax and manage pain.

4. In early labor, try standing on your feet most of the time. The gravity will help speed up the process and you wont have to be in labour for long except there are complications.

5. Rotate your hips in a circular motion while standing. This can help you dilate faster and reduce the time you spend in labor.

6. Make a research on various delivery positions and find the one that is less painful for you. For some women, the regular lying on your back is extremely painful so they resorted to kneeling on all fours and it has been seen to ease the delivery process.

7. When you lie on your back, you squash your pelvis and your pelvis is what needs to expand during the birth process. It gets bigger during each contraction, but lying in bed works against what your body is doing, so it hurts really bad.

8. Use a hot water bottle on your back and you might end up not having any need for an epidural or pain medications. They go for N1000($2) and above and you should be able to find them in well stocked baby and maternity stores.

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