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If you have ever noticed that there are seemingly more single ladies in Nigeria than guys, you may need to relax with some chilled juice because you are not alone with your observation.

In fact, it has called for serious concern in recent times where the spate seems to be on a fast rise.

Some attribute the improper fraction to the fact that more females are born daily than males amidst the population explosion.

Sometimes, ladies who think they have all it takes to be take up the ‘Mrs’ tag are caught in the web of certain things that keep them with their parents longer than they anticipated.

This brings up the fact that it is not always enough to have all the qualities required to become a wife as there are some militating factors that come to play when it’s time to tie the knot.

To this end, TheSheet.ng deemed it fit to bring to fore some of the reasons why so many girls are still single despite having attained marriageable age.


Sometimes a handful of ladies await their potential suitors with high expectations and end up scaring them away when they eventually arrive.

Ephemeral things like money, cars shouldn’t form the basis of choice for a life partner but sadly, a lot of ladies are neck deep into such expectations.


The 1914 amalgamation appears to be Nigeria’s bane. The “One Nigeria” slogan is one of the biggest organised lies of the century as there is really nothing ‘one’ about the country despite the fact our 57th Independence Anniversary is only a few months away.

Among the several other factors that stand in the way of marriage for most girls, ethnicity tops the chart. Most times, it is as a result of family influence and when some decide to go against the family standards, they end up stuck and alone with no support from family.


Majority of the problems encountered in Nigeria today originated from religious differences which make it safe to conclude that religion has done more harm than good in the country. Most people believe that religious compatibility plays a vital role in the choice of life partner and this is the mentality that has kept more ladies in their parents’ homes till date.


Sometimes, age difference scares women away from the man they truly wish to settle down with. Usually, most potential unions are threatened when the age difference is wide especially when age is telling on either partner.


Well, like Keith Harrell wrote in his masterpiece, ‘attitude is everything’. Some girls though ripe for marriage have delectable attitudes that easily get men on their feet after a first encounter.

Some ladies who are of age just need to improve on their attitudes so as to attract and embark on the journey of forever with ease.

We are in the 21st century and it’s about time people acted like they really are abreast with issues.

Certain choices should transcend beyond the archaic mentality people used to have into something more.

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