Fashion Designer Toju Foyeh Reveals how she was Afraid to Meet & Style South African First Lady

Nigerian fashion designer Toju Foyeh shared a post on her page revealing how she was called to come style South Africa’s first lady, Bongi Ngema-Zuma and why she was reluctant to meet with her. Read her story below and you might learn a thing or two from her experience…

October 2015 I was called to meet and dress the First Lady of South Africa (Her Excellency Bongi Ngema-Zuma) …oh how God has blessed me.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. They must have called atleast 5 times for me to come over to meet a VIP client. Each time I was reluctant, Because for security reasons they couldn’t reveal who she was to me..I was actually afraid to leave my office to meet someone I don’t even know.

After the 5th call, I decided to go…ofcourse I prayed before hand. On my way there, they called and told I’d be escorted into the premises and need to go through security checks…I’m thinking hmm…did I make a mistake by agreeing to see this person?

When I arrived they told me it was the First Lady of SA…oh how I felt so silly for being long with them and asking a million questions.

Moral of the story is…God blesses us in ways we least expect. When I started fashion design, it wasn’t even sure about it but there a force inside me that kept me going and I know that was God telling me ‘I’m destined for GREATNESS’

Another very important lesson is – what’s for you is for you. No one and nothing can block your blessings from God. A lot of people get discouraged, influenced by what’s happening in other people’s lives. Just focus on your own goals and leave the rest to God. They didn’t have to keep calling me back, but It was destined by God that would be my blessing.

Some times it’s hard, but I hold on to the words of Philippians 1v6: ‘Be confident of this very thing, he (God) who began a good work in YOU, will see you through till the day of Christ. Just want to encourage someone today, as a child of God you are not alone – even in your darkest hour, have FAITH, don’t give up, praise God, he will surely bless and surprise you beyond your expectations.

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