How Men and Women Communicate: Differences and Compromises

Sometimes men can’t understand women and women complain that men don’t understand them. A vicious circle? Or maybe the theory that men and women come from different planets is right? Well, we live on the same planet but we perceive this world differently. This difference becomes particularly apparent in the process of communication between men and women. If you want to understand the opposite sex better, you need to be aware of all possible communication differences between men and women. This knowledge will help you avoid many conflicts and misunderstandings in interpersonal and romantic relationships.

  1. Women like to drop hints. And men hate when women drop hints because they can’t get them often. Women (say, asian girls) choose this style because it’s devoid of aggression and confrontation. This how they keep harmony. Nevertheless, it gets on men’s nerves because the conversation lacks logic and rationality they appreciate so much.
  2. Men are aimed at the result while women just enjoy the process. If a man clearly knows the purpose of a conversation, he’ll communicate more effectively. They hate this notorious “We need to talk”. Men prefer to discuss their achievements while women often start a conversation to share their misfortunes, in other words, they need a shoulder to cry on. While a man usually plunges in his thoughts, a woman openly expresses what’s on her mind, which a man perceives as empty words.
  3. Women are better listeners. They are generally considered to be more attentive and patient during a conversation giving their partners their whole attention. It has been observed that men interrupt women twice as often as women do. A woman can feel the mood of her interlocutor and adjust her behavior and words to it. Probably, this is because women tend to maintain a steady eye contact while men often look away during a talk.
  4. Women lie skilfully. They always can deceive a man. The same can’t be said about men. The reason is that men lie in an unnatural way, and women are very sensitive to any shade of lie being able to recognize it at the slightest change in intonation. This is thanks to their inborn abilities to notice and decode body language signals and read between the lines paying attention to the hidden meanings.
  5. Men speak briefly because there are more categorical. If a man says yes it means yes; his no means no. Women’s speech is full of vagueness and ambiguity. Along with yes and no, they often use that “maybe”. Women ask three times more questions than men do.

Men and Women: Communication Rules

How do men and women communicate? They can get on very well and reach mutual understanding if they keep in mind their differences and follow certain rules. The following tips are for women since they are often blamed for complicating the men and women communication.

Try to say the essential things right away. Avoid long introductions. A man is attentive for the first 15 seconds, so skip the unnecessary details and tell him what you want to tell.

Say “I think” instead “I feel” or “It seems to me”. This will help women avoid men’s eternal accusations of being too irrational.

Take into account that men use mainly nouns and verbs. Women use adjectives very often to express their attitude to something. If a man says your dress (hairstyle or curtains) is nice, take it as a compliment and don’t try to elicit more epithets.

Don’t start important conversations in the evening. Another thing that men find very annoying is late night discussions. First, he is tired and it’s an unfair game; second, he feels vulnerable when it comes to emotional talks. Also, he worries this conversation may last till the dead of night and he’ll not have a normal sleep.

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