How To Choose Ikea Furniture Assembly Service


‘My home is my castle’, people say. Indeed, we all want to make our apartment the most cozy and
comfortable place ever. We buy smallest things like a piece of decoration in order to compliment the overall look.

Don’t you think the design of your house can be upgraded, though? It needs only a little bit of good
taste and patience to completely refurnish your apartment and add a spicy flavor to it. Or do you prefer Northern calmness and democracy of colors and tones? Well, it’s alright as long as your house will be well-designed and put together with high quality furniture. For additional information, please, visit our site:

Ikea is a perfect place for all people who want to create their unique space around without
astonishing knowledge or crazy amount of money. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to be a
furniture assembly pro in order to drastically change your apartment. Let the professionals do it for you.

Our experienced service workers understand the needs of our customers. All you have to do is contact Ikea assembly service center and get the furniture merchandised to the desired location.

Choosing Ikea furniture assembly service you should follow these easy steps:

1. Decide on the furniture you want to purchase. You may visit an official Ikea online catalogue to choose the perfect fit for your apartment. Create a shopping list on the website. Check everything you want to purchase and complete the shopping list. Alternatively, you may do the same steps with non-Ikea furniture stores like Residential, Duggal, Blue Apron and Open Sky.

2. Check out the quality of our assembly service on Yelp. Commentaries may help you choose an assembly service, and we can get better because of your feedback.

3. Receive the quote from the service. The process takes 30 minutes, because we all value time of our customers. It will consist of the essential information and soon the items from a shopping list.

4. Agree on the price and time. The service center will call every customer to make sure the assembly is happening in the suitable day and hour. You may ask any questions and leave your suggestions if some
information is interesting to you.

5. The assembly service workers will purchase, pack and merchandise every item to your house. For that
you don’t even need to drive to the closest Ikea in your neighborhood. Everything, starting with the
shopping process and finishing with the merchandise, is done by the professionals.

6. Make sure you have enough free space before the assembly. It is best for you to empty some additional space in the room before the furniture is merchandised to your house.

7. Leave your commentaries on what will help the service improve. Everything is getting better thanks to attentive customers.

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