How to Improve Productivity and become Happier

Learn how to improve productivity for better life.

Happy people don’t focus on small everyday problems and day-to-day fuss. Do you want to experience the same?

For many people happiness lies in the simplest things. Warm sunlight, family support, good grades for that essay writing. And there is something very right in this approach to life! Why would you need to spend time and effort on negative things when there are so many great things around you? Let’s see how you can learn to live without having to worry about this or that all the time and increase your productivity along the way.

  1. Go to bed early, wake up early

The early bird catches the worm. Have you ever noticed how many people around you look sleepy and tired? Take a look around you at one of your next classes – all yawning and eye rubbing. No other thing in this world suffers from as much contempt as alarm clocks do. And for what reason? Watching TV shows until midnight, thoughtless internet surfing or hasty attempts to finish your research paper writing because you have to submit it tomorrow.

Make it a rule: no devices or gadgets half an hour before going to bed. Better go for a walk, breathe some fresh air and let your brain relax and drink in some oxygen – and then go to sleep before 23:00.

And in the morning you’ll wake up not half an hour before running off to classes like a hen with its head cut off, but at least an hour or two before that. So you can spend this time jogging, doing yoga, meditating or at least taking a contrast shower to get tuned for the upcoming work day. These few first hours of the day is what the rest of the day depends on. If you start your days by gaining as much energy and inspiration as you can, you’ll keep your mind focused and your body full of energy for the rest of the day. Work gets done, plans get executed, productivity increases.

  1. Meet new people

Expand your circle of acquaintances. Every new person in your life is new experience, new opportunities and new emotions. You never know where new friendship may lead you. Even accidental acquaintances may play a life-changing part in your career or personal happiness.

So where can you find new friends? Visit of kinds of classes, courses and workshops as often as you can. This is a way to kill two birds with one stone: you can both ensure your personal growth and improve your skills (or learn new ones) and find new acquaintances. The more friends and acquaintances you have, the more chances you get to appear at the right place at the right time.


  1. Read

Books provide the easiest access to information. Yes, of course, there is also Internet , but it’s too often that when we go online we start surfing social networks and browsing for memes instead of all the useful sources. Let’s admit it; it’s less than productive. Especially when you have all those essay topics to analyze and not so much time.

Books are different. And it’s not hard at all to go to the library and get about any book you need. You can read anything from fiction to reference materials to great sources of social and political journalism – just use this opportunity to get valuable knowledge and be ahead of others. Remember that information is your best assistant and advisor. Don’t ignore books and don’t substitute them with Internet. Besides, did you know that thanks to reading you can significantly improve writing skills?

  1. Travel

If you think that traveling is way too expensive for you, don’t start with trips to Maldives or Dubai. Start small – odds are, there are lots of amazing, awesome places in your own country and even in your own city. Even traveling to the country with your family is really relaxing.

It’s likely that there are some rivers, lakes, beautiful pastures, waterfalls, mountains, museums or reserves nearby. Grab a map, make your own traveling route and go on your personal adventure!

When you leave your comfort zone (both mental and physical), you notice how your outlook changes. All problems that seemed massive before become small and insignificant. the power of all those great sights will make all issues seem not so important and chances are, you’ll find answers to many of your questions.

Also, just think of how photos of all the awesome places will boost all that expressive writing in your blog!

Remember that you are the one who is responsible for your life. No one else has to make you happy. Forget about your problems, if only for a short while, smile and start from scratch. Everything is going to be just fine!

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