Urgent Care Help Tips for your Accidental Leg Injury

When it comes to health, urgent care and the ability to provide first aid is no game. If such a misfortune happens to you or your relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers or just people on the street, it is crucial to be extremely determined, calm (sure, it sounds difficult) and quick.

Today, we will learn how to provide help in case of a leg injury. Such damage is very common, its prevalence among the total mass of fractures is 45%. The risk of injury is increased among the following category of people: athletes, because of their professional activities, children, because of their high mobility and negligence, pensioners, due to age-related changes taking place in the structure of bones. If the leg is in an immobilized state, then the pain is dull and aching. When you try to move a limb or lean on it, the pain becomes sharp, pulsating. That is the first sign of a broken leg. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Tie the injured leg to a healthy leg in the area above and below the fracture. It is more efficient to do it in a lying position to minimize movement. At the same time, regions not only above, but also below damage must be involved.
  2. If you can not transport the injured person in the supine position, and you will not be able to do it properly – put a tire covering the minimum of two joints of the leg. The main tire is applied to the back of the foot to prevent bending of the joints.
  3. Wait for the ambulance to come. It is crucial not to do any excessive moves. NEVER try to fix the bone or massage the leg to feel less pain!

Fractures of the chin and anklebones are the most frequent fractures of the lower limbs. As a rule, something that is called edema develops in the area of fracture immediately after an injury, and the fracture itself is accompanied by sharp pain.

In this case, a damaged leg should be put in the correct position, after removing the shoes. You can use any improvised means for immobilization- ski poles, boards or bars, which are applied over the inner and outer surfaces of the legs. At the same time, two joints should be fixed simultaneously – the ankle and knee joint.

The fracture of the knee joint is extremely painful and is often accompanied by its deformity. When providing first aid for fractures, do not try to straighten the knee with force. The victim should be put in the most convenient position for him or her and strengthen the fixation by placing around the damaged leg rolls of a blanket or fabric. Specialists from the urgent care clinic in Brooklyn comment, that if you have painkillers with you – give them to the traumatized person right away.

In any case – anesthetize before immobilization will significantly help reduce the risk of a pain shock and fainting of the victim.

Leg fracture is a rather difficult situation, but with a serious attitude to the issue and timely assistance of specialists, the forecast for this condition is favorable. An exception is a fracture of the femoral neck. In this case – the replacement of the hip joint with an implant (total hip replacement) is indicated to the patient.

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