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Welcome to GISTville : Introduction

Hi, I’m Michelle Emiaha and the person behind GISTville. I manage GISTville as the sole writer and will be the point of contact for all media-related enquiry. Let me give you an over-view of GISTville and available advertisement options.

GISTville was started in October 2012 as an entertainment and lifestyle blog, and in less than a year it had become popularly known for churning out unique humorous articles. In less than 1 year, GISTville has gotten many award nominations, media partnerships and positive feedback, as well as the unique opportunity to speak at the 2013 Social Media Week in Lagos.

GISTville is an active blog, a perfect blend of celebrity news, fashion/beauty and lifestyle. My mission with GISTville is to establish personal blogging as an industry in Nigeria, and so far it is growing bigger with every day.

Traffic stats:
This is my latest stats from August 2014 report. I update this stat once in 3 months and if you have any query regarding traffic, you can send me an Email.

Daily page views: 7000+
Facebook Fans: 6,900+
Twitter Followers: 14000+
Monthly page views: 210,000+
Alexa rank : 465 (August, 2014)

GISTville provides clients a wide area of advertisement solutions. These are the current Advertising Options :

Advertisement and partnership options:
Every product have different needs and requirement, and GISTville offers various ways to advertise a product or service. GISTville is already partnered with brands like Spell Africa and Karaoke Pulse and i’m looking forward to more long-term partnership and with businesses who are committed to deliver quality and is company centric.

Here are available ad opportunities which you can get at GISTville, and depending upon your marketing strategy, you can pick one.


Product-review is one of the speciality of GISTville, as i not only write review of the product, but i also share tutorials and guides to using a product. If your product matches my readers and topic of the blog, you can get in touch with me for the quote for your product review. Some of the major topics covered are: fashion, beauty, events, services.

Your Company news -Press Release – Sponsored posts:

So your company just launched something new, or have an important message to amplify. You can take advantage of the sponsored posts option to reach out to masses. All blogposts are shared on my Social-media accounts which consists of over 15K users.
Sponsored post price – N10,000

Display ads:

Here are available sizes for Ad-slots:
Header – N60,000
300*250 Sidebar : N40,000

Blog contest: Giveaway offers are for free.

Payment mode : Payment via Bank Deposit/Transfer/Cheque.

Simply drop an Email on and cc with your requirement.

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